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Shawnee Mission Park R/C Flying Field Rules

Current Annual Flying Permits Are REQUIRED!

The Shawnee Mission Radio Control Club (SMRCC) through a lease agreement with the Johnson County Park and Recreation District has been granted the right to use and operate the flying field, designated/autorized fly zone and related facilities. Every person using the field must be a SMRCC member, prospective member or participating in a SMRCC sponsored and supervised event and must have completed the safety orientation and certification.

The rules as set forth below have been established to promote a SAFE and FUN flying experience.

These rules are strictly enforced. Violations may result in the revocation of flying privileges at this field

If in doubt rather than jeopardize the safety of others direct your plane into the ground away from others and the no-fly zones


  • The AMA Safety Code is in effect at all times.
  • Fixed wing  aircraft and helicopters are allowed to operate in our airspace. Operation of multi-rotor autonomous aircraft "Drones" is prohibited in Shawnee Mission Park and club property.
  • Alcoholic Beverages are not permitted on Park premises and will not be consumed prior to flying activities.
  • Students or prospective students must be on a buddy box system and supervised by SMRCC certified Instructor. New members who know how to fly may be put on a buddy box until they have been qualified for a flying permit. This is up to the certifying instructor.
  • Only certified SMRCC instructors can qualify a prospective member and/or student and issue a SMRCC flying permit.
  • All fliers must have their current SMRCC Flying Permit attached to the back of their hat or the back of the collar on their shirt. The permit must be plainly visible on their person while inside the fenced area of the field.
  • A current AMA license must be pinned to your frequency number on the impound board prior to turning on your transmitter for any reason. Your license should be removed whenever your transmitter is not in use to notify others on the same frequency that it is available for use.
  • Transmitter impound is available and must be used on training night and any other time there are multiple pilots on the same frequency. When used, the transmitters will be placed in impound until ready for use, and returned upon completion of your flight.
  • A frequency marker, valid AMA or proof of AMA, must be placed on the appropriate frequency Identifier at the time the transmitter is removed from the impound area for use.
  • All single frequency transmitters will carry AMA recommended channel number systems.
  • It is strongly encouraged that all synthesized transmitters carry AMA recommended channel number systems as well. Before operating any synthesized transmitter KNOW its current programmed frequency!
  • It is strongly recommended that you not fly alone.
  • All engines over .049 C.I. displacement will have an appropriate muffler system for noise abatement.
  • Aircraft must be carried to and placed on the taxiway when ready to fly. Aircraft are NEVER to be to be taxied on the concrete walks or in the pit area. Do not run up engines in the shelter area.
  • Aircraft are to be flown north of the pit area and north of the pilot stations (Catch fence). NEVER fly over pit areas, spectators or no-fly zones! See flight boundary map for flight zones. NO-FLY ZONES ARE STRICTLY ENFORCED
  • When retrieving an aircraft from the runway, announce “on the field” loud enough for all pilots to hear before entering the field and “clear” after you are off the runway and back to the pit area.
  • When preparing to land, announce “landing” loud enough for other pilots to know that you are about to land. All aircraft on the field should taxi to the taxiways so the aircraft landing has plenty of room to land. When taking off, call ” taking off “ loud enough for all other pilots to hear.
  • Observe the windsock for wind direction for all takeoffs and landings. During calm wind conditions, east to west take off and landings will be in effect. Observe flight patterns when multiple aircraft are flying, clockwise or counterclockwise depending on wind direction.
  • NEVER direct energy (fly directly) toward the pit area, shelter, catch fence, pilot stations, Spectator areas or No-Fly Zones!
  • Aircraft on final approach to the runway have the right of way over any other aircraft. An aircraft that is “dead stick” is the only exception.
  • Check incoming traffic prior to your taxi for take off.
  • When flying, position yourself at a pilot station and maintain a safe distance from other pilots. Do not stand or fly from the taxiways.


Law Enforcement Contact Information

Shawnee Mission Park Rangers are dispatched through the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office if there assistance is required they can be contacted at (913) 782-0720.

In the event of an EMERGENCY DIAL 911